Sunday, May 30, 2010


Anyone who knows me (well) will tell you that I love bunting. I like it year-round.

As I continue to work on the interior and exterior of my three-season studio (which you can view here) I landed upon the idea of installing permanent bunting to sort of  go along with the whole Toy Soldiers Forever! theme of the place.  Rather than using fabric, which is so subject to wind, sun, and general wear, I decided to cut and paint tempered hardboard, paint and waterproof the results, and keep it up year-round.

The painting was pretty straightforward and the 3-D look was simple to achieve.

As each eight foot section was completed, I nailed it up into position.

At the center, on a field of what appear to be flags, is a Union shield.

Up and running in time for Memorial Day and the rest of the summer.

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