Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A good book is always within reach

When you live with a delightfully diminutive person, and have a very well stocked, floor-to-ceiling library those upper shelves can be just out of reach.

Enter the latest project from the wood shop, the two step library step.

Cut out of a pine board, seven pieces went into this simple little project.

Going for an Arts and Crafts look, I opted for pegged construction and a mortise and tenon stringer across the bottom of the lower step.

Here, I'm sanding the tenon...

and with my scroll saw,  cutting the mortise.

The fit was nice and snug.  The opening above is one of the carrying holes on each side of the bench.

Glued and clamped for a couple of hours, followed by a nice dark walnut Danish oil finish.  After a three day dry and rub-down...

the appropriate steps were being taken in the library.