Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Return to Varikino

The second big snowstorm in less than a week has Maryland and the whole mid Atlantic region at a snow-bound standstill.  This is the most snow since the Pleistocene in this region.

When I looked out this morning Lara's Theme from Doctor Zhivago immediately started playing in my head.  And as I stepped out on to the sun porch I was met with my own version of the snow palace at Verikino.

We had around 28 inches last week and another 18-20 predicted for this, what is currently and officially termed a blizzard, which afflicts us now.  As long as the power stays on everything should be okay.

Snow had sifted through the cracks out in my wood shop providing a light dusting of snow to go along with the usual light coating of sawdust.

Back to those wintry scenes from that David Lean epic, like Yuri, I was reluctant to wander too far out into the woods lest I meet up with...


If this were the road to Yuryatin, by the looks of my truck...

it'll be quite some time before I'm able to visit Lara.

What a snow storm.

What a movie.

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